Dear members,

We would like to thank you, your families and friends for attending this end of year banquet. Again this year we have organized some great programs promising an entertaining season hoping that as many of you will participate as in the past. Please note that we will again be evaluating our points system for the 2018-2019 season.

A few modifications have been made to the new 2018 rule book. These are the new rules that will be put into the rule book.

Minis modified tractors;

  • all competitions will have a 320′ full pull and pull offs.
  • 6-71 superchargers can run a 18% overdrive
  • 8-71 superchargers can run a 10% overdrive (for both standard & hi helix rotors)
  • single turbo only with an input of 83mm by 130mm
  • all engines can only surpass the cubic inch rules by 1% maximum

Semi trucks;

  • all competitions will have a 320′ full pull and pull offs
  • The vehicule must weight a maximum of 13000lbs on the rear axles.
  • Only the rear wheels of the truck will be weighed on the scale.
  • Engines that rev more than 3000rpms must use a sfi protective skatter blanket and must have an iron flywheel.


For any questions, you can call our inspector of ASTTQ Mr. Armand Brissette; 1-450-803-1471.

As in the past a registration form and a profile sheet will be attached to the given information and it would be appreciated that your profile be completed with as much information as possible in order to improve your introduction given by the master of ceremony Marc Reid and Jean-Francois Allen.

Wishing you all a good 2018 season!