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27 May, 2022


Hello dear members,

The board of directors would like to wish you a fun summer filled with lots of pulling days.

So that Marie-Soleil can prepare a nice PowerPoint for the end of the year banquet, that will be taking place on November 19th 2022, you can email her pictures in the pits or any other pictures taking during the summer.  They can be emailed at [email protected]


As requested by some members, the online registrations per events on our web site will be available and recommended. At every start of the week, you will be able to register for the next pulling event. It will be as easy as: ticking which class, the name of the vehicle and the driver. And then you click register. The registration will be sent automatically by email to the secretary, she will register you and draw your number. You will only have to go get your pulling number the day of the event.


All participants must register to Danye at the latest Friday July 1st by email at [email protected]  to ensure a reserved parking for you. A parking spot of 15’ x 100’ will be assigned for you. Please note that these measures are necessary due to the high number of participants expected and the restricted parking available at the event. All RV of people who accompany you and are none-owners of pulling vehicles must reserve their camping spot without service, you can reserve now at the cost of 80$, you will also benefit of the pre-sale price of 24$/day entry fee. Your pets will not be allowed near the stands during the competition.

Take note that there could be parking restrictions for the pullers at certain events.  This is caused by the higher number of competitors and pulling vehicles in the last years.

The board of directors

13 April, 2022

Hello dear members,

The board of directors is happy to present to you our new logo.

At your first event, you will receive your 2022 membership card and two stickers per vehicle.

As a reminder, the membership card is at a reduced price until April 15th2022.

Visit the events calendar on our website, it will be a full summer.

Looking forward to seeing you soon

The board of directors

23 February, 2022

Info February 2022


Hello dear members,

We would like to thank all the members who participated in purchasing the Platinum Cards, you have helped in raising 33,259$, this amount will help repay the Federal government loan-Covid19.  Once again thank you very much!


The 2022 membership fee is 345$ before April 15th, after it’s at 470$.  The registration form and the puller’s profile form are on our website.  A copy is also attached to this email.

2022 PURSE 

The purse for the year 2022 has been modified, the changes were made to help sale the classes to the promoters.  A copy of the purse breakdown is included in this email.


We invite you to visit our website, the schedule for the 2022 season and other information are updated regularly


The following rules have been modified:

  • The Mini Grand National (GN) class will be a new sanctioned class, it will be integrated in the existing Mini class, both classes will be sold together as one class to the promoters.
  • The weight of the Mini Grand National class will be 2200lbs
  • The weight of the Super-Stock class will now be at 8500lbs
  • The rules for the Profarm and Hotfarm have been detailed following the request at the General meeting.  A copy is attached to this email and one is available on our website.


For the St-Agapit Tractor Pulling event of July 8 to 9th 2022 :

Please take into consideration that these measures are necessary due to the high numbers of expected participants and the restricted parking spots available.

  • All participants must register with Danye at the latest Friday July 1st.
  • All registered participants of the Saturday program will have until 4 pm the Friday to enter the site, if not starting at 9am the Saturday morning.
  • Competitors will be assigned a parking spot of 15’ x 100’.
  • All non-competitors or owners of pulling vehicles will have to reserve their RV parking in our non-serviced camping area at the cost of 80$ plus their entry fees.  The reservations can be made now to Danye by email:   [email protected]
  • The RV entry on the site is up until Friday 4 pm maximum, if not, from 9 am on Saturday morning.
  • The non-serviced camping sites are limited and also open to the spectators.  By making your reservation early, you will benefit of the pre-sale entry fee at 24$/day.  Reserve soon!


Please note that at some events, there might also be some parking restrictions for the competitors. This is due to higher numbers of participants and pulling vehicles in the last years.

Thank you, The board of directors


8 February, 2022

Mini modifié – Mini modified

Mini modifié à vendre differenciel dana 60, essieux 35spline, roues en aluminium avec pneus firestone, transmission powerglide bâtie pour les tires et torque converter 9″ également bâti pour les tires, moteur 383 pc. Conçu pour le méthanol, il a fait 670hp et au-dessus de 680 lbs de torque, vient avec plus de 200lbs de poids. Prêt à aller aux tires. Situé à St-Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada. 17000$ CAD. Pier-Luc Roy Pion 450-502-9966. Voir photos ICI

Mini rod for sale, dana 60 rear end, 35 spline axles, aluminium rim with firestone tires, powerglide transmission built for pulling, 9″ torque converter also built for pulling, engine is a 383ci built to run alky , it has 670hp and over 680lbs torque, we have dyno sheet, come with 200+lbs weight. Ready to run. Located in St-Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada. 17000$ CAD. Pier-Luc Roy Pion 450-502-9966. See pictures HERE
4 February, 2022

Detailed Profarm and Hotfarm Tractors Rules Are Now Available

Detailed rules for Hot Farm and Pro Farm classes are now available on the website under the tab ” Rules “, and here.