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19 January, 2022

Death Notice

We are saddened to report the death on January 16, 2022 of Ronald Riendeau. He died at the age of 85, at Saint-Hyacinthe. M. Riendeau is a founding member of ASTTQ. We express our deepest sympathy to his family. Our thoughts are with you. Details : Ronald Riendeau 1936-2022

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18 January, 2022

Death Notice

We are saddened to report the death on November 30, 2021 of Yves Guertin. He died at the age of 76, at Saint-Hyacinthe. M. Guertin is a founding member of ASTTQ. We express our deepest sympathy to his family. Our thoughts are with you. Details : Avis de décès – Yves Guertin (

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20 November, 2021



Hello dear members,

On November 13th was held the General Assembly of 2021, we want to thank all of the members who were present, we can almost say a record in attendance.  

Following the votes, we are happy to present the 7 administrators of the board of directors for the 2021-2022 season, who will have the following functions:

  • President – Jonathan VanHorne
  • Vice-President – Normand Letiecq
  • Treasurer – Claudine Bazinet
  • Publicist – Stéphane Gosselin
  • Director – Steeven Lagrange
  • Director – Claude Angers
  • Director – Mario Banville

    And the General-Director – Danye Garneau

During the General Assembly, we proposed a Platinum Card as a financing aid to help the association to repay the Federal government loan – Covid19.

A drivers membership card for 2022 is sold at 345$ taxes included if paid before April 15th 2022.

ASTTQ is offering the Platinum Card valid for 5 years.  This card is sold at 1,725$ taxes included (345$ x 5 years), is valid for the following years 2022-2023-2024-2025-2026, and is payable in one payment before December 31th 2021.

For the ones who have a Silver Card, that card ended in 2021, but because of the Pandemic, the card has been extended to 2022.The offer of the Platinum Card for the holders of the Silver Card will be at 1,380$ taxes included (345$ x 4 years) and will be valid from 2022 to 2026, payable in one payment before December 31th 2021. 2021.

For the ones interested in buying a Platinum Card to help the Association, please send an email to , a registration form Platinum Card will be sent to you.  For all questions you can contact Danye at (418) 440-2889.

Thank you

The board of directors

4 August, 2021


  • 14-71 Mooneyham Hi-Helix  blower/Magnesium black hat.
  • $3800
  • John Ferringo : 519-803-5413

21 November, 2020


Info – November 21st, 2020                                  

Dear members,

Since we could not hold our general meeting in November, we will hold it in February or March depending on the public health standards in force at the end of January.

New for 2021

At the St-Isidore’s pull  held in September 5-6, the Hot Farm Invitation class was very much appreciated, which showed the interest of these pullers to join our association. The board of directors decided to form this new sanctioned class ”PROFARM /HOT FARM”. 

These two types of vehicles will be sold as a single class to promoters. However, they will each pull in their own class; 9500 lbs for PROFARM, 8500lbs for HOT FARM. They will each have their score and their prize either;


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

400 350 300 250 200 140 100 85 75 70

Hot Farm

1 2 3

250 180 70

Therefore, the new HOT FARM class has the same rules as the PROFARM class.  With turbo 3”x 3” maximum. The engine limit is 414 pc maximum and 8500lbs.

 On January 1st, the registration forms for your 2021 membership card and profile will be posted on our website as well as the provisional calendar, the 2020 membership cards remain valid for 2021. Then, at our general meeting, we will give you the new 2021 rulebook and we will inform you about the new trailer purchased in January 2020.

We continue to work for you and wish you a Happy Holiday Season.

The executive office