Dear members,


First and foremost, the members of the board wish to thank you as well as your families and friends for taking part in our end of the year banquet.  In order for you to pass another great season, we are once again offering a great program this summer.  We sincerely hope that the participation rate will be as high as it has been the previous years.


As many of you have noticed on the ASTTQ website, there has been modifications brought to the scoring system.  As of now, all programs will count as points. The registration points are still doubled during the first competition in each rank and the Board of directors will shortly set-up a new point system on-line. The Board has also decided to increase the mini and the profarm purses to twelve purses.


New regulations have been adopted concerning the stock and open farm tractors. If you know someone who participates in the program of either classes, please inform them to consult the website on that matter.


Once again, a finance program is offered to you this year by the Board to be able to purchase a new sled for the minis. As done in the past, you will have the chance to buy a five-year SILVER membership fees at an advantageous price.  If you are interested to be a lender for this offer, please contact Danye Garneau before April 15, 2017 (418-440-2889).


A registration form and a profile form are joined with the information.  It is greatly appreciated that you properly fill in the profile form. Please include lots of information in order to improve your track presentation made by our hosts Marc Reid and Jean-François.


Best regards and wishing you a wonderful 2017 season !