• (P.83) Registration

    Registration site will open at least 3 hours prior to the start of the pulling session and remain open 1/2 hour after the end of the session.

    1. When the registration site is open, enter all classes in witch the vehicle will participate in this pulling session. The driver must have a valid membership card “Competitor” or have paid for one hook fee. Registrations end 1 hour prior to the start of the pulling session.
    2. A competitor may register late with the permission of the event manager and/or competition director. The registration official must be notified prior to close the registrations that a competitor will enter late in order to do so. He will pay a $20 late registration fee, not refundable.

  • (P.86) Technical Inspections

    All vehicles must be inspected before the start of the pulling session. The competitor is held responsible to see that his vehicle is inspected by the technical official.

    Tow Tractor:
    Except for the Semi’s, Stock 4x4 and Farm Stock tractors all other modified vehicles must be hooked and moved by a tow tractor when wanting to move in the pit area. This also includes being brought to the scales, up to the track or back to the pits after the pull.